WaW GameSave Zombie Mods Online (Usb / Transfercable / MemoryCard)

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WaW GameSave Zombie Mods Online (Usb / Transfercable / MemoryCard)

Post  Admin on Sat Jul 02, 2011 9:00 am

:: WaW Online Usb Mods ::

Modded Savegame : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Step 1. Put your usb on your xbox 360 console
Step 2. Configure it to your 360 console
Step 3. Load Cod WaW and select campaign (click recruit)
Step 4. Once it has loaded press start and select save and quit
Step 5. Go to the dashboard
Step 6. Plug your usb into your computer and load up Usb Explorer / Usb Xtaf Gui
Step 7. Find your gamesave and extract it to your computer desktop
Step 8. Open up modio / horizon and slide your gamesave into it
Step 9. Slide the modded gamesave into it aswell
Step 10. Copy your id's to the modded one
Step 11. Rehash and resign
Step 12. Delete your one on your usb via usb explorer / usb xtaf gui
Step 13. Inject your new one
Step 14. Take your usb out of your computer and plug it back in your xbox 360 console
Step 15. Load Cod WaW and select usb
Step 16. Resume the campaign
Step 17. Once it starts, save and quit and go to zombies and click multiplayer
Step 18. Join a game or start a game
Step 19. Press start once your get in the game

:: Enjoy Hosting! ::


Normal menu
RB = Godmode
LB = Noclip
Right analog stick = Give all
Dpad Down = Drop Weapon

Host menu (For Use When Host Only)

Press back

RB = Paintballs
LB = Normal Bullets
Dpad Up = Notarget
Dpad Right = Cartoon Mode

Thank You For Viewing


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